How to sew an evening dress with an open back: photo and pattern


Today we will learn how to make a pattern of an evening skinny dress with an open back. This is not an easy task, but the final result is worth our time and effort!

Here is a model, on the basis of which we build all our work:

For this dress is better to choose a fabric with a bright print to make the tucks invisible.

This dress is suitable for celebrating the New Year and for other important events. It looks very attractive and defiant, it will successfully underline all the advantages and curves of your figure and will make you a queen on any occasion.

We sew a dress with an open back: step by step

So, below we will sort through the steps of the pattern of this stunning dress. But first you should consider all the features of the dress, the subtleties of its construction, as well as the result of our efforts.

Features dress with open back:

-fold fit;

deep neckline;

- medium width straps that intersect at the back;

-open back;

-Direct or narrowed bottom of the dress (we have the second option).

Pattern dress with open back

The pattern is not complicated at all, but it requires care and patience, since you need to design each half. Well, let's start?

And here is the pattern of a dress with an open back:

Our dress pattern according to the original Italian technique is based on the base pattern of the dress. But special attention should be paid to a fitting fit. Therefore, in order to obtain such a degree of fit, it is necessary to refrain from all increases (at worst, to minimize them).

In the meantime, a little trick can help. It lies in the fact that after the main stages of sewing, you will have the opportunity to fit the dress pattern directly on the figure, removing all the excess in the embossed or side seams. You can also leave the freedom for tasty on feasts.

The steps of sewing a dress step by step

Here will be laid out the most important steps, so that you can make your own work plan.

1. First, set the length of the product.

2. Beginning will be the front half. The depth of the neck should not exceed 19 centimeters. Otherwise you will look too defiant.

3. From the center of the chest to the top on the tuck we leave about 8 centimeters - on the chest rise. And now it is necessary to combine the depth of the neck and the rise to your taste.

4. The next step is the strapless width. From the highest point of the shoulder to the bottom, having measured no more than 4 centimeters, we make a serif.

5. Then from the bottom of the armhole to the bottom, leave 3 centimeters, do a serif. Then we take 4 centimeters wide strap and again do a serif.

6. Next, we have to connect all the serifs, while translating the chest undercut into the side seam, after constructing a line of straps again open them.

7. After separating the strap from the dress, close the dart on it.

8. A small part of the tuck that will remain, will be laid in the relief seam.

9. Along the bottom of the dress must be removed by 1 centimeter.

With the front half, we are finished. Now we will deal with the back of the dress.

1. Set the location of the straps, as in the front half.

2. To open the back: in the middle line of the back half to the bottom, leave 4 centimeters and connect it to the border of the tuck at the waist, the second part - from the tuck at the waist to the strap width in the side seam.

3. Along the bottom of the dress you need to remove 1 centimeter for the narrowed bottom, as we did with the front half.

4. Finally, we connect the straps crosswise.

Everything! Despite the many small details, in general, everything is doable, is not it?