How to achieve amazing volume of thin hair: 30 best haircuts and shades!


Thin and dull hair spoils not only the appearance, but also the mood. What only fashionistas do to achieve the opposite effect - they make long-term curls, put tons of styling products, comb their hair. All this only worsens the situation. It is much easier to make the correct haircut and hair dye. Do not despair, it will definitely help you to change your hairstyle! Here are the top 30 haircuts and shades for fine hair. Find yours among them!

1. Extra long bob + balayazh

Haircut layers already gives hair volume, and play of colors enhance this effect.

2. Long Bangs + Pixie Haircut

Long bangs can be loose or braided in a relaxed braid, in any case, this option visually increases the volume of hair.

3. Pixie + light color

If the hair is very thin, the ideal option is to cut a pixie and dye in platinum blond.

4. "Ripped" square + ombre

Shorter strands serve as "supports" for longer ones, and your square becomes bulky. And the clarified ends additionally increase the volume.

5. Silver tone + asymmetric styling

A great way to create the impression of thick hair is to cut one half of the hair very short and put the other on one side.

6. Correct root toning

Pixie cut looks more voluminous if the hair roots are significantly darker than the ends.

7. Complete asymmetry

From shaved stretches to long strands: surprisingly, this mess looks both stylish and volume.

8. Shaved nape

Our thinnest hair grows on the back of my head. Shaving them off and leaving the torn strands on top of your head, you will achieve the desired effect.

9. Puff Bean

Choosing the length of the haircut "to the cheekbones", you visually increase the amount of hair.

10. Platinum balayazh + long bean

From ashy to platinum: when overflowing, these lightest shades give the hair a visual volume.

11. Bright color

The brighter the tone - the thicker the hair looks.

12. Podtsvechennye tips

Bright focus on the hair roots has the effect of visually increasing the volume of the entire hairstyle.

13. Straight bangs to the eyebrows + light tone

This retro hairstyle is back in fashion, and its effect on volume creation is hard to overestimate.

14. Pixie haircut + shades of red

Red hair looks more voluminous if you have bright facial features.

15. Extra long bob + brondirovanie

The brown undertones of the roots and lower strands create a feeling of a head of hair, and the light upper layers complement the effect.

16. Shoulder length + brightening

Classic length, straight cut - in fact, this haircut looks strictly, but it is effective only on thin hair!

17. Layers and Curls

Slightly curled strands, you will increase the volume of the haircut 2 times!

18. Side parting + bleached ends

The stylish version of the bean for thin hair: the main thing is to shake it up!

19. Bouffant on the back of the head

If the length of the hair allows, this is the simplest way to turn your "bob" into a gorgeous voluminous hairstyle!

20. Light tone + long bangs

You can easily get the effect of thick hair, if you sweep them forward.

21. Smooth parting

Dummy: supposedly you just deliberately smoothed your hair to look more elegant.

22. Spiral curl + asymmetry

Curl the front strand in a spiral, it visually lengthens the hair, and they appear thicker.

23. Very short

Option for decisive: with such a length of hair it does not matter at all whether they are thin or not.

24. Knot at the crown

Collect the top strands in a voluminous knot and accentuate with a hairpin.

25. Ripped ends + balayazh

The greater the difference between the length of the strands, the bulkier the hairstyle. Supplement yourself and the result will be fantastic.

26. Black accents

If you are a brunette, darkening some strands almost to black, you will give your hair a visual volume.

27. Node at forehead

Gathering the bang in a perky beam-knot right at the hairline, you just remove the question of density: smooth hair - salvation!

28. Short haircut, long fringe

You can wear it in a natural way or learn how to weave a braid like this: furor is guaranteed!

29. Mini bob

Slightly shorter than the classic one, this bob makes your hair more voluminous due to textured strands.

30. Mini braids

Braiding several strands in pigtails, especially under the upper layer of hair, you successfully create the illusion of stacks.

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