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What if my toilet dances? Tips of friends in adversity and the recommendations of professionals


At first glance, the question: "What if my toilet dances?" It seems, to put it mildly, strange and demanding psychiatric care. Internet users do not think so, judging by the number of humorous and quite serious answers. This topic has become so popular and infectious that the phrase has become a real meme, relevant for the last few years. So is it a "dancing toilet", a figment of imagination or reality?

How to cope with dancing toilet.

The phenomenon of a dancing toilet bowl is a real feeling that it is slightly swinging in different directions, creaking and making strange sounds, as if singing. Naturally, such behavior of plumbing could not but inspire sparkling humorists, offering ridiculous options for explaining and solving the problem.

  • First, it does not hurt to recall the amount of alcohol drunk the day before. Such visions after taking alcohol in certain doses are not surprising. Especially in severe cases of delirium tremens.
  • Great idea - to tell about the phenomenal abilities of your toilet to some TV channel and become famous throughout the country. True, it is not known who will come earlier, television or doctors.
  • You can start dancing along with the toilet or invite your neighbors to have fun, risking to be in an asylum very quickly. But even here there is no guarantee that the musical tastes of all the participants in the event will coincide.
  • Get acquainted with the toilet dancing in the next apartment. He can become a worthy competitor.
  • Perhaps the "white friend" has not been used for a long time and was slightly nervous. Heritage freshener with a pleasant smell will help to calm down.
  • It is likely that you just exhausted yourself with diets and need to eat well. And after a good sleep just let it go.
  • Many recommend to negotiate with the raging toilet. Who knows what he will answer.
  • And can "turn off" the music in the head of the ceramic friend? The truth will have to use cruel measures. And why? Let have fun at three in the morning.

Funny advice, is not it? But seriously, the problem of "dancing toilet" has a simple explanation. In the process of installation was broken technology or plumbing installed on an uneven floor. The cause may be weak or worn fastenings. Let's figure out what to do if your toilet is dancing?

What to do if your toilet is dancing in real life.

The bathroom is a mandatory and frequently visited room, both in residential buildings and in public, commercial buildings. Correctly installed toilet does not falter, does not pass water, does not cause problems. Unless it requires periodic cleaning of blockages, if the rules of its operation are not followed. But what to do if the toilet is dancing, pumping from side to side? Here we are talking not only about comfort, but also about security. It is unlikely that someone would like to sit on a dancing toilet as on a train, fearing that he would jump off the bindings or split at all.

Emergency repair

If the problem needs to be solved quickly, try to eliminate the main causes of loosening the toilet bowl.

  • The most common option - defective product. In this case, you do not need to reinvent the wheel, and with a check and warranty card, contact the store.
  • If the reason for dancing a toilet bowl is uneven floor, the problem should be solved by the problem. You call to builders who were engaged in installation, or it is necessary to understand independently.
  • The simplest and most effective solution may be simply tightening the nuts with which the toilet is attached to the floor.

To the first day not to be disappointed in the purchase, check the quality of the toilet in the store. Ask to get it out of the package and put it on a flat surface. If there are no chips and irregularities, the quality model will stand firmly and firmly on the floor.

Emergency measures didn't help? Perhaps the toilet was dancing because of more serious reasons. For example, a cracked sealant has collapsed or the gaskets have become unusable after long use. In this case, you will have to spend money on calling specialists or trying to cope on your own.

What to do if the fixed toilet does not stop dancing.

The warranty period came out, and the search searches ended unsuccessfully? Do not despair. Simple manipulations and elementary building skills will help solve the urgent problem: "What should I do if my toilet bowl is dancing?"

Eliminate bumps

Often the problem of tottering toilet comes back again and again. This is due to improper preparation of the landing site. After dismantling or repair work on the floor may remain frozen concrete, irregularities at the site of previous mounts, parts of the dried sealant and construction debris. Before installing a new plumbing or replacing an old toilet bowl, you need to level the surface. Carefully and thoroughly clean the installation site to ensure the quality of the installation of the new device and avoid repeating the problem.

Concrete layer

  • The most effective way to pacify the toilet bowl, dancing from morning to evening - to fix it on a reliable layer of concrete.
  • Prepare a mortar consisting of water, fine sand and cement. Proportions are usually indicated on the package.
  • A three-centimeter layer of concrete is laid out on the place of installation, cleaned of residual sealant, and a toilet bowl is installed on top.
  • With the help of the construction level, the correct leveling of the toilet bowl is checked. This procedure requires a careful approach to avoid discomfort, as well as skew and breakage of fasteners and legs of the device.
  • For greater reliability, the base of the toilet bowl must be secured with mounting bolts.
  • The remaining mortar can be used to make a screed in the bathroom or bathroom during the repair.

Sealant replacement

If complex construction manipulation is not for you, use inexpensive and simple methods of landing a toilet bowl dancing on an uneven floor. Silicone pads or gel are suitable for serious and minor base defects, which can be purchased at any hardware store.

  • For large gaps, it is more rational to use a gasket, the remnants of which must be carefully cut. After tightening the mounting bolts, coat the base with a special sealant that protects against moisture and mold.
  • If the defects are minor and the toilet bowl swings slightly, it is enough to fix it with a silicone gel. It is applied with a thick layer under the leg and left to dry completely.

Do not try to trim the base of the toilet bowl with tools. This is fraught with a split fragile ceramics and spending on new plumbing.

Twist the bolts.

The most elementary and common problem of a tottering toilet bowl is a weak fixture. It can occur for several reasons.

  • Loosening fixing bolts and studs. To secure the leg, you need to firmly tighten them with a wrench or a conventional screwdriver, without making much effort. If you overdo it, cracks may appear and plumbing will become unusable.
  • The fixing knot served the term of operation and collapsed. Choose a new good quality hardware with a coating that protects against moisture and corrosion.
  • Nest for mounting bolts widened. You can try to tighten the bolts of larger diameter. If it did not help, alas, for the toilet you will have to look for another place. In this case, it is necessary to think about the proper connection with the sewer hole. The ideal option is to use a flexible plastic pipe, which makes it easy to change the place of installation.

If you are faced with the problem of a tottering toilet, you do not need to sound the alarm. Armed with the tools and recommendations of specialists, it is quite possible to cope on your own. You do not need expensive equipment and great construction talents.