And you have old CDs: you can make original things from them


The invention of the CD was a breakthrough in the music industry. They allowed to keep the sound in a revolutionary new quality. Therefore, each music fan considered it his duty to collect an impressive collection of records. But technologies do not stand still, and today more convenient carriers are available to us. However, you should not send discs to the scrap - they can be used in an unexpected way.

Make coasters for glasses

To glass with juice or water does not leave wet stains on the table, it can be put on a napkin. And it is better to make decorative coasters using your favorite discs. To do this, you need to paint the upper part of the disc with acrylic paint or to make an application. Use textile glue and any fabric with a non-flaking edge.

Lay out a mirror mosaic

Cut the discs into small pieces. The most convenient way to do this with the help of garden shears. If not, you can try to break them. Choose any surface you want to decorate and cover it with glue. Good glue for ceramic tiles. After the mosaic has dried, fill the gaps between the fragments with a tile tile. Mosaic is perfect for decorating tables, pedestals or creating panels.

Use the mirror surface of the disk as a frame

Put in a mirror frame children's photos and drawings. Decorate your baby’s workplace with this decor. Now the room will become brighter and more interesting, and the child’s creative experiments will not be lost in a pile of garbage.

Option for advanced

If you are confident in your skill, have time resources and a large supply of disks - feel free to start creating animals in 3D technology. As a basis, use drywall and foam. Such animals will be an excellent decoration of the garden and scare away uninvited birds.

Glue the needle to the disk

Needles and pins are very easy to lose. And they are sometimes random, and not always in a safe way. Ordinary needle bar can be lost due to its small size. Increase its area by gluing bright noticeable detail. Can be used as a simple pompon pad. Now everything sharp and dangerous will be in its place.

Build a clock of incredible size

Most inexpensive watches can work without their own dial. Remove all unnecessary, leaving only the mechanism, arrows and batteries. And make a dial out of a large number of old discs attached to a sheet of plywood or thick cardboard. Figures can be painted with acrylic paint or glued to the finished (use children's counting material). Add any decor, such as glass hemispheres from the store for creativity. These watches will become a landmark in your home.

Make a jewelry box

No matter what you consider your treasure - jewelry or a collection of homemade jewelry, the most expensive need a decent frame. Make a shiny box by wrapping the most ordinary cardboard box over the discs.

Replace disc tile

By the same principle on which it is possible to decorate a table or a curbstone, it is possible to paste over the whole wall. A great option for the kitchen, bathroom or balcony. You only have to spend money on tile adhesive and fugu. And disks for the project can be asked for free from all your friends.

Make decorations for the Christmas tree

Sleds are prepared in summer, and new Christmas decorations can be made at any time of the year. Paint over the shards of the discs with foam and glass balls, or toys, with peeling paint. Now the tree will shine without affecting your budget.

Decorate clothes

Big necklaces - collars are relevant not for the first season. Complete the finished low-cost product with CD fragments, and it will sparkle with new colors. You can do without a necklace, and decorate the collar or cuffs with mirrored pieces. In this case, cut the disc into smaller pieces.

Build a big lamp

The mirror surface of the disc perfectly reflects light. Choose for this project drives without unnecessary pattern with a transparent central part. Such a lamp will form beautiful shadows on the walls. A great option for registration room music lover or teenager.

Make curtain holders

Classic curtains can be fixed with a disk decorated with textiles or satin ribbon. Decorate your pickup with artificial flowers or interesting brooches. Curtains are easily fixed with wooden hair sticks. Choose contrasting shades if you want to add colors, or solid colors for a restrained interior.

Build a candlestick from glass hemispheres

Glass hemispheres from the store for creativity look great in any room. If you like these little beautiful things, but do not know how to apply them in your work, you will like this idea. Use the disk as a base for a candlestick, sticking to it the hemispheres in the shape of a well. When you put a candle in a candlestick, the flame will be reflected from different surfaces, creating a stunning decorative effect.

Make an original curtain

The original option for a rented apartment or a student dormitory. Your room will be bright and interesting for very modest means.

Make a wind or dream catcher

This decor will look great on the terrace, balcony or in the garden. You can use whole discs or cut them into identical parts.

Build a paper holder

Sort the documents on your desk with such a simple, but very convenient device. A democratic design will bring a breath of freedom and creativity into the business atmosphere.