Crafts from plastic bottles that Timur Kizyakov himself would envy


Surely many people remember the fun and interesting transfer "While all at home", as well as its not less interesting rubric "Crazy hands". The presenters of this rubric loved to make something incredible from improvised means and very often plastic bottles were used as these tools. That's just it turned out pretty rude and without grace. But photos from this collection will prove that you can make beautiful things out of plastic bottles.

First of all, most people try to make some pretty knickknacks from plastic bottles.

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Not bad chandeliers and lampshades are obtained, if we approach the matter with imagination.

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And even some work tools can be made.

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Protective mask eg.

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Remember summer slippers from plastic bottles and rope? Here's what you can do if your hands grow from the right place.

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But in fact, the potential of plastic bottles is much greater. Here, for example, high-grade furniture.

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Add some elements and it is quite possible to put it in the living room of the summer house.

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Here in this, for example.

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However, as it turns out, the house itself can also be made from the same plastic bottles, having a large stock of them.

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And if you approach the matter seriously, you will get quite a solid structure.

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Naturally, from plastic bottles excellent swimming facilities turn out.

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Detail of the wardrobe.

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And even a whole suit.

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And what a wonderful ZhKKhart is obtained from plastic bottles.

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The main thing is fantasy.

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